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Streamline your event management process with Yacooba’s all-encompassing platform, simplifying ticketing, revenue tracking, and attendee travel coordination, enhancing your efficiency by reducing administrative burdens and time.
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Who We Are

We are Disrupters of Event Management and Travel

Yacooba innovatively blends blockchain technology and a one-click-buy travel marketplace to redefine revenue streams for event promoters and offer unique rewards for attendees worldwide.

Our Advantages

Why Choose Yacooba? Experience the Future of Event Planning
Unmatched Security

Utilising NFT-based tickets and dynamic QR codes for enhanced security, authenticity and verifiability.

Innovative Revenue Models

Diversify your income through our platform by complementing your ticket sales with the possibility to book travel packages inclusive of hotels and flights, as well as controlling the secure ticket resale marketplace.

Control Over Ticket Resale

Event Promoters can control the rules of ticket resales and earn additional revenues from it by setting royalties from ticket exchanges whilst preventing price speculation, defining maximum resale prices.

Convenience for Attendees

A one-stop-shop platform providing a seamless experience for event-goers, from ticket purchase to travel arrangements.

Understanding Our Technology

What Sets Our Ticketing Apart?
NFT Tickets

These are unique digital assets on a blockchain, acting as a digital certificate of authenticity and enabling pricing controls.

Dynamic QR Codes

Regularly changing QR codes that significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised duplication and counterfeiting.

Empowering Event Producers

Maximising Your Revenue Streams
Ticket Sales

Earn from every ticket sold on our platform.

Travel Package Margins

Gain additional revenue from travel package sales linked to your events.

Ticket Resale Royalties

Benefit from a secure, peer-to-peer ticket resale environment where you set your royalties on every ticket resale.

How Resale Works

Ensuring Fair and Controlled Reselling
  • Set your royalties from every resale and gain from it.

  • Keep speculators at bay by setting ticket resale price caps, maintaining control over profitability.

  • Provide a trustworthy resale environment based on blockchain technology.

Commission Structure

Transparent and Beneficial for Producers
  • Receive a percentage of travel package sales and resale tickets.

  • Withdraw earnings bi-monthly or opt for automatic post-event processing.

  • Commission on travel packages is collectible only after the event, ensuring service completion.

Travel Packages

Travel Packages

A New Revenue Avenue Enhance Customer Experience and Earnings

Our platform uniquely allows customers to conveniently purchase a comprehensive package, including event tickets, flights, and accommodation, all in one place. This not only simplifies the attendee's experience but also opens a new revenue channel for you as an event producer.

Some Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yacooba is an innovative platform that combines blockchain and dynamic QR codes for event ticketing with a travel and accommodation marketplace, creating new revenue opportunities for event promoters and unique rewards for audiences.

Our tickets are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on Polygon blockchain, ensuring each ticket is a unique, tamper-proof digital asset. This system enhances security and allows for controlled pricing and resale.

Dynamic QR Codes are constantly changing, making them nearly impossible to duplicate fraudulently. This adds an extra layer of security to our ticketing system.

Revenue is generated through direct ticket sales, a percentage from Yacooba's margins from travel package sales, a controlled resale marketplace where producers set their own terms, and from additional sales of digital content.

Yes, event producers have full control over ticket pricing and ticket resale conditions.

Yacooba charges a commission on travel package sales and resale tickets. The specific percentage varies and can be discussed in detail upon registration.

Event producers can withdraw their earnings twice a month. If not requested, payments are automatically processed within 15 days after the event concludes.

Our travel packages include event tickets, flights, and accommodation, all purchasable in one seamless transaction on our platform. This not only simplifies the experience for attendees but also opens a new revenue stream for event producers.

Yes, Yacooba is versatile and can cater to a wide range of events, including concerts, festivals, conferences, sporting events, and more.

Getting started is easy! Simply register through our website and you may start creating your organization and your event(s). Shall you have any queries you may contact us and our team will guide you through the setup process.

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