San Francisco Wine Country and Tasting Experience inc Lunch

San Francisco Wine Country and Tasting Experience inc Lunch

Come and join us as we travel to the renowned Napa and Sonoma Valley to savor several different wines with exclusive estate tours, endowing you with the knowledge around their winemaking practices. During lunch you'll stop for a leisurely lunch at the Sonoma Square, giving you ti


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Unwind and soak up the stunning scenery as we journey north into Napa and Sonoma Valley, two of the most prized wine regions of Northern California. During your venture, enjoy wine tasting and exclusive estate tours of three of our most favored wineries.
Since 1922 the Bartolucci Family has consistently created a perfect marriage of grapes and wine at the Madonna Estate. Located in the world-renowned Carneros region, an area known for its fertile lands and cool climate, the Bartolucci family has found success with their organically grown grapes and estate bottled wines. In addition to practising natural farming methods, they also combine traditional and modern winemaking techniques. As the third oldest winemaking family in the Napa Valley, it is important to them that they continue the commitment to farm naturally and preserve the winemaking traditions of past generations.
When the Trinchero family bought the Sutter Home Winery in 1948, they had a vision, a passion, and apparently an insight into consumer tastes. In the early 1970s, Sutter Home started a trend when the company created White Zinfandel, introducing a new, sweeter flavor profile. They changed the way Americans enjoyed wine by offering them high-quality varietals at an affordable price. By the 1980s and 1990s, Sutter Home became a household name and the second largest independent family-run winery in the United States.
During a lunch break, we will make a stop at historic downtown Sonoma Square where you will enjoy leisure time to explore. The destination affords a wonderful variety of eclectic dining options and one-of-a-kind boutique shops and local art galleries. Save time on finding a restaurant during your lunch break. Dine at a local favourite right in the middle of the historic downtown Sonoma Square. Enjoy items from a variety of Californian-inspired dishes ranging from sandwiches, pasta and seafood.
With over a century of winemaking experience in Sonoma, Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery focus on crafting small lots of premium wines from Sonoma County. Today, Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery advances its record of acclaim under the guidance of vintner and entrepreneur Bill Foley, who acquired the winery in 2008. As part of Foley Family Wines, Sebastiani will maintain its commitment to producing singular wines from the appellations of Sonoma County.
Finally, sit back, relax, and enjoy a scenic drive over the Golden Gate Bridge on your way back into San Francisco.
Entry Notes:
  • Guests aged 4-11 pay the child rate.
  • Guests aged 60 years and above pay the senior rate.
  • Guests aged 11-60 pay the adult rate.
  • Recommended for all ages.
  • Tour begins at 9am.

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