Travel Culture

Yacooba offers a complete dynamic travel App for curated global events, allowing every Art Traveler to build in real-time and one-click-buy a tailored experience: event ticket + travel + hotel + extras. For Event Producers, Yacooba API generates more revenues to your event and multiply distribution and sales channels for venue tickets.


About Us

Yacooba was created by experienced event producers and is advised by travel professionals and international art management experts. We are a facilitator between event producers and audiences. Our mission is to curate and present events to international audiences, physically and digitally, in an entirely new way, thus generating new revenues for event producers and facilitating reservation systems for art travelers.


Small team, big ideas. We are an international group of event producers, digital content developers, strategists, designers, coders and blockchain experts, each bringing a unique skillset to one common goal.

Work with us

As a cohesive, skilled & ambitious team, we believe in new ways of transforming global Travel Culture, moving from mass tourism to high quality curated art & culture experiences. If you’re interested in working & partnering, just email us.


We operate based out of Funchal, Madeira Island, with satellite labs in Lisbon and Rome.
+351 291 098 132
[email protected]
Avenida Arriaga 30, 3H, 9000 - 064 Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal




Yacooba’s platform is an alliance between standard web services, human knowledge and blockchain environment, rethinking the way of traveling, where locations don't really matter. But what you're going to join and attend there does. Our front end App is a real-time travel package builder for event-goers. Regardless of locations, they can search events or other content, getting the best deals for event tickets, travel, hotels and extras, booking a tailored dynamic travel package in seconds, therefore, guaranteeing its desirable trip with the best prices and conditions. Besides connecting dynamically with global event ticket and travel platforms, Yacooba offers exclusive & unique curated events worldwide, working closely with hundreds of international curators who search, review, and offer multiple possibilities to attend these events. These are our exclusive deals.


We believe blockchain is the present and future for decentralized markets and crowdfunding brilliant ideas for independent event producers. Our approach is to develop a decentralized event ticket selling protocol that can be transparently used by any event producer, ticketing, traveling or booking companies, in addition to provide incentives to event promoters, ambassadors or curators. The protocol will live by itself in the public Ethereum blockchain and open to any participant. Through the creation of this protocol, illegal ticket secondary markets with inflated prices and ticket fraud occurrences will be inexistent. The protocol will provide strong cryptographic guarantees for ticket purchases and sells, and absolute transparency for all participants involved. Besides this, we will empower a new type of blockchain crowdfunding strategies, where independent event producers and event-goers can work together and forge innovative partnerships.

New Digital

Yacooba is developing new audiovisual content formats that scale in multiple ways for event producers and event-goers, which prefer to stay home. Our approach will mix digital streaming with high-end curated audiovisual content.


Event producers

We invite international event producers to become Partners of Yacooba and benefit from new ways of creating and facilitating travel experiences. Our business model will generate more and new revenues, creating a global network of event producers that will benefit.


We provide tailored solutions for cities and tourism destinations, especially peripheral locations, where reinvention in the tourism sector is needed, and local culture and arts can be a leading asset to attract new visitors, physically and digitally.

International curators

We collaborate with art and event curators worldwide to review and curate high quality range of event productions.



All cities

We are creating a network of City Ambassadors in various locations worldwide to collaborate in sourcing and mediating with local event producers, content and service providers. If you are interested in partnering pelase contact us.